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As the principal of the “Schloss-Realschule” I welcome you to our website. Here you will find all necessary information about our school and get insights into our every day school life.

Enjoy your visit.


B. Koterbicki



Catchment area of our school

Our school covers six grades of secondary education with two to three classes in every grade. That adds up to about four hundred students taken care by thirty-five teachers. Our school is situated in the West of Stuttgart, close to the city centre. The students come from areas around the school, e.g. from the districts Stuttgart West and Stuttgart Botnang, some also from farther away like Stuttgart East and North. How to reach our school

Public transport:

U4, U14, U2, U9 or by bus (number 41 or 43) up to the “Berliner Platz / Liederhalle”


Special profile

Since school year 2010/2011 our school runs a bilingual profile, which means that in one class of each grade two subjects like EWG (geography, economy, social studies) NWA (natural sciences), Music or Physical Education are taught entirely in English.


Who is eligible?

Students with good results in Primary School, who show a special motivation to learn languages and who are willing to strive more than the average student. A road show and selection talks will find these students.

In these bilingual classes the students achieve a special language competence, which will be certified together with their GCSE (“Realschulabschluss”).

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Principal: Mrs Koterbicki

Deputy Principal:Mr Klingel

Secretary:Mrs Schiemer

Breitscheidstraße 28

70176 Stuttgart

Phone: 0711 - 216 212 20

Fax: 0711 - 216 212 21

E-Mail:                                 poststelle@04112380.schule.bwl.de